Adam eve belek otel

Adam eve belek otel

Our concept of service and vacation in the design award-winning Adam & Eve hotel, which positions itself as "starless" in the Special Class "category, is different like our other features:

We, at Adam & Eve Hotel, make “high-end, creative holiday design” for maximum satisfaction of our delightful guests.

Adam & Eve is also worth seeing with the "Widths":

With its 10.000 m2 area, extraordinary width and height, it is waiting for you in the largest Lounge in the world. You are sipping your drink in the Atrium bar in the flood of entertainment and light; The world with a length of 96 meters

You are in the longest bar.

If you are going to stay in a "Design" room, even that has a width far above world standards,

Our “Design” rooms, each of which also has a personal SPA feature, are 64 m2. This is the largest room in the world.

You want to cool off a bit, here is the longest pool in the world with its magnificence covering two Olympic pools.

Atrium is a magnificent place, with a ceiling height of 22 meters, a length of 175 meters, equipped with 4,980,000 small mirrors in the size of 5 × 5 cm. The most exclusive restaurants of Mediterranean, Asian and Ottoman cuisines, 7 bars, 8 stores and the longest bar in the world is located in Atrium. A big, magnificent party venue awaits you at night with light shows and famous DJs.