Alanya Cable Car

Alanya Teleferik, which attracts a lot of attention, was a new way to visit Alanya Castle and its historical monuments. The view of Damlataş and Cleopatra Beaches makes the journey enjoyable while going to the castle from Damlataş Station, which is located next to Damlataş 100. Yıl Park. On the hill, the cable car comes to the bottom of Ehmedek. You cannot enjoy the view of Alanya and the harbor from the various viewing terraces here. You can go through Ehmedek Castle by climbing some stairs, and enjoy the bird's-eye view of the Cleopatra Beach from the viewing terraces here.

If you are going to buy a full ticket on Alanya Cable Car, round trip ticket prices are cheaper than one way ticket. In addition, student discounts and children aged 0-6 benefit from this service free of charge. You can visit Alanya Teleferik website for current cable car ticket prices.

Alanya Teleferik has a cable car line, in which 16 wagons operate continuously. These wagons for 8 people arrive at a station in about 20 seconds. In the wagons that slow down arriving at the station, descending and riding is done in turn. Alanya Cable Car system only interrupts transportation in windy weather at the storm level for security reasons.

When you go to Alanya Castle by cable car, the Ehmedek part of the castle is the first historical work you will see. When you continue with walking paths from here, you will come across the Suleymaniye Mosque, which is a work of Seljuk and renewed during the Ottoman period. It comes from the covered body after the mosque. You can visit Sandık Emini Kayhanlar House - Traditional Handicraft Center a little behind the bedesten. In the region where this center is located, there is the Akşebe Sultan Masjid and Tomb and the cistern. You can reach the inner castle of Alanya Castle by following the signs in front of the Handicraft Center. There are ruins of the Seljuk Bath on the road. If you return to Ehmedek from the road in front of the Alanya Lighthouse after you leave the castle, you can deviate from the road and visit the Gemili Masjid. Do not forget that Alanya Museum and Damlataş Cave are very close to the station in Damlataş below.