Antalya Airport is ready for full capacity tourism season.

Antalya Havalimanı tam kapasite turizm sezonuna hazır.

Antalya Airport General Manager Deniz Varol talked about the changes to be made in the airport's working system due to the epidemic in the 'ReTurkey' event for the fight against coronavirus and the start of the tourist season. Varol stated that the airport is working as a full scope and ready to accept tourists.

Varol points out that all the measures taken at the airport are based on the passengers having a healthy and safe holiday. Here are Antalya Airport General Manager Deniz Varol's responses to Spuntik's questions:


First, we made the use of a mask mandatory, everyone has to wear a mask. You cannot set foot in the airport without a mask, this is not only for the passengers, but everyone as a staff member has to be masked.

The second issue is, surely, we maintain our social distance. So there will definitely be a distance between people. This is very important, this is one of the best protection methods from pandemic.

The third one is the hand disinfectant you see at this airport. We keep our hands clean at all times.

Every incoming passenger and every staff pass through a thermal camera at each entry point to the terminal. This thermal imager measures your temperature. If you have a fever and show other symptoms, they immediately send you to quarantine and the necessary procedures, vaccination and other health measures begin. These are the measures that were not before and are currently in the new regulated airports.

Normally, these applications are already a standard in our normal daily life, to maintain social distance, to wear masks and to keep our hands clean.


So there are changes, but no surprising changes. Also, the following is very important: airports, terminals are closed, you bring together many people from many countries, the ventilation system is very important here. Here we use as much fresh air as possible, that is, we do not convert the air inside again. This is a very important detail for our guests who will visit our airport.

- Will a coronavirus test be done to foreign tourists coming from abroad?

As I said right now, normally there is no test case for everyone. Incoming passengers will pass by the thermal camera, which is already compulsory, and if you have a high fever, they will send you to quarantine and take necessary measures. But if you do not have a fever, any test will not be applied to you, you will enter through a passport.

-So, the airport has started to work at full capacity now…

The airport now operates at full capacity, we take all precautions, we expect our passengers to our guests.

-Finally, do you have a message for your guests abroad?

Our guests abroad can come to Antalya Airport with peace of mind, all precautions have been taken, everything should be a question in their mind for them to have a nice holiday. We have taken all our precautions.