Antalya Aquarium, which is one of the few aquariums in the world, is located on a very large land. It is one of the places where children and adults show great interest with its educational and entertaining structure. The sea creatures, which are colorful and come from all over the world, serve visitors every day. Antalya Aquarium, built by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and constantly renewed, hosts thousands of visitors throughout the day.

There are 40 themed aquariums in Antalya Aquarium. The longest sea tunnel in the world is also located in this sightseeing place, which enables the sea creatures to be seen closely. In addition to the sea creatures in the aquarium, there is also the Snow World and Ice Globe. There is also a food and beverage section in the aquarium. It is located in an environment where families and children can eat in the same area after having a pleasant time.

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