Antalya, one of the most important provinces of the tourism sector, is one of the most ideal cities for those who want to do cultural tourism. It is interesting with its rapidly developing structure and architectural structures. Antalya Expo 2016 also draws attention with its child and flower themed architecture.

Antalya Expo 2016 tower and its surroundings are built on wide land. Many tourists flock to these architectural s with the symbol of the city. Tower visits of domestic and foreign tourists are made during the day.

This building, which attracts attention with its tower viewing s and architectural structure, is very important for Antalya people. In addition, children and floral themes are provided to visitors to the tower with a green world slogan for future generations.

Antalya is one of the cities with a long history with its cultural and architectural structures. In addition to its historical buildings, it causes the city to attract more attention in interesting buildings built in recent years. Antalya Expo 2016 can provide the whole city with a bird's eye view. Transport levels are provided by elevator. The building, which has 3 elevators, has visitors all day long.

It is one of the buildings deemed worthy of this award by taking the 1st prize in the Antalya Expo 2016 architectural project competition located in a large and large area.

Transportation in Antalya is done by public buses and public transportation in the city. In addition, it is known that tourists visit this architecture with special vehicles. The Tower, which is visited by many people during the day, is one of the more curious structures every year.

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