Kaleiçi is one of the oldest settlements in Antalya, one of the historical neighborhoods. The biggest reason for this neighborhood to have such an important and historical structure is that it has a structure that can come from the Ottoman period until today. This neighborhood, which is also located before the Ottoman, is one of the preferred places for tourists who like historical tours with its houses and streets.

The reason why Antalya is called Antalya Kaleiçi is that the neighborhood is covered with fortress walls. Within the borders of Antalya Muratpaşa district, this neighborhood is one of the most important places in terms of tourism. In this neighborhood, there are close to 3000 houses behind the walls. In addition, the fact that the historical monuments are very much in this region becomes one of the indispensable places for visitors to historical tours.

Important historical works such as Hadrian's Gate, Grooved Minaret, Hıdırlık Tower and Kesik Minaret Mosque are all within Kaleiçi. In addition, it is very rich in the maintenance of its tombs. Preserved historical monuments are visited by millions of tourists every year.

Repairs are made without damaging the historical texture of the region. Especially the rest of the walls were restored and opened to visitors. Antalya Kaleiçi region, which is the center of attention with its houses and structures, is one of the places that local and foreign tourists must visit.

It is necessary to use the land road to reach Antalya Kaleiçi center, which is 13 km away from Antalya city. Those who want to reach the airport or bus station can first go to the city center by city buses and then choose one of the Kaleiçi transportation vehicles.

There is also a very easy transportation for those who want to reach Antalya Kaleiçi region by private car. 20 minutes after the city center, you enter this unforgettable historical place. Signboards along the road can be easily used for transportation.

It would be best to get help from someone who knows the region to have many places to visit in Antalya Kaleiçi region and to visit these historical buildings. It will be a cultural trip for you to understand both its history and its current location.

Antalya Kaleiçi is one of the very old settlements and it is a touristic town in recent times, so there are many preferences for tourists. It is known that this town, which attracts attention with its restaurants, also preserves traditional tastes.

For accommodation in the region, pensions or hotels can be preferred. Although large and five-star hotels are usually a little far from the center, the bazaars and historical buildings of the town can be reached in a very short distance. Hostels, on the other hand, are located in buildings that are under the protection of old houses for commercial purposes.

For those who like historical trips, tourists who come to examine the entire history of the ancient city are one of the areas where they are very surprised about how the city walls were built. Although some of the walls have been destroyed, the surviving areas can be visited for tourists and touched the history.

There is also a marina in Kaleici town. It is seen that yachts are found all year round in this marina. There are places to visit and restaurants around the harbor. Protecting the historical monuments of this town, which has a wonderful view with its fortress walls and historical houses, will be of great importance for tourism.

It is also located in the historical mosques and tombs in Kaleici town. Thanks to the social events organized every year, historical monuments and Kaleiçi town are visited in this region.

It comes for domestic and foreign tourists who want to visit historical tours with daily tours as well as tourists who come for holiday purposes. Guests who come in the form of daily tours have the opportunity to visit the shopping centers in the center after visiting the historical buildings in the region.

There are many shops selling many tourist materials in Kaleici bazaar. These shops are located on the pedestrian street as well as hotels for accommodation. Antalya Kaleiçi historical structure shows itself in every season. Indigenous people who want to pass their traditions and traditions to the next generations can also provide information to incoming guests about these customs and traditions.

Kaleiçi, which is one of the places that must be visited visiting Antalya and its surroundings, is one of the most interesting tourist places with its historical atmosphere and natural people. In order to touch the oldest works of history, you can definitely participate in the tours organized in this town and see them.