Located in various cities of the country, Antalya Özdilek Park Avm is also located in the province of Antalya. Özdilek was originally one of the stores known as the textile brand. However, it has had a very interesting concept with its developing structure in recent years. Antalya Özdilek Park Shopping Center is one of the places where different events take place and attracts attention with its cinema. This place, which has been turned into an entertainment and shopping center for Antalya people, also enables children to have a pleasant time.

In this big shopping center where many activities such as cinema, events, food and shopping are done, families are provided to spend time together. The shopping s with world-renowned stores, large movie theaters and restaurants where you can sit and eat at one address will prevent you from feeling how time passes all day long. The fact that many things to be done all day at the same place will provide an opportunity for those who want to have a pleasant time.

Özdilek Park Antalya is one of the places with a large area. There are many alternatives in one address for those who want to shop by choosing big shopping malls. In this , most of the day can be spent in Özdilek Park Antalya.

Entertainment centers for young people and other shopping stores in the shopping center, where there is a cinema, attract many local and foreign tourists.

Public transportation vehicles can also be preferred for the transportation of this mall, which has a special service. Guests arriving with their own vehicle can park in the shopping center parking lot. In the shopping mall, which is busy every day of the year, restaurants serve in the food and beverage section. There are both eating and chatting areas.

Antalya Özdilek Park Shopping Mall This shopping mall, which is preferred to have a pleasant time with family or friends, allows many local and foreign tourists to shop in summer. It is ensured that visitors from other districts of the city come to this shopping center, where brands with interesting shops and luxury clothes are gathered together.

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