Limak entered the tourism sector in 1995 with Limak Arcadia. In line with the principle of being a pioneer and leader in every sector in which we operate, investments continued and Limak Limra was opened in Antalya Kemer in 1998 and Limak Atlantis in Antalya Belek in 2002.

In 2000, the Limak International Hotels & Resort brand was created and the slogan “Warm Hospitality & Excellent Service - Traditional Hospitality and Excellent Service” was registered as a brand promise. In 2006, Limak Ambassadore stepped into city hotel business, and in the same year in Antalya Lara, Limak Lara was brought to the country tourism. In 2010, Turkey's first thermal boutique hotel Limak Yalova Thermal Center was opened. Limak Eurasia Hotel was put into service in Istanbul Kavacık in 2011.

The facilities are served year-round and occupancy rates exceeding 80 percent are maintained consistently. Limak Tourism Group hosts its guests from nearly 40 countries of the world every year as well as its domestic guests.

Limak Tourism Group has increased its number of hotels to 8 with the new hotel Cyprus Deluxe Hotel, which started its operations in 2018 in Cyprus, and reached a bed capacity of over 6000. Limak Cyprus Deluxe is also the first foreign investment of the group. Limak Tourism Group continues its investments with a city hotel project in Skopje, Macedonia.

Proceeding with the aim of becoming an international chain, Limak Tourism Group continues its efforts for hotel investments in various geographies. Unlike other hotel chains, the group, which realizes the establishment, construction and operation of its hotels from “a to z”, provides high savings in the fields of investment and cost with its experience from construction.

The system created in the supply chain creates the opportunity to benefit from economies of scale effectively. By training the staff of its new hotels, the Group ensures the standard in service quality and constantly improves its human resources.

Sport tourism, one of the most important segments of alternative tourism, is also made a difference, and groups are hosted in many different sports competitions as well as football. In Antalya alone, 1,200 football teams come to camp every year. Last year, 300 football teams and a total of 16 thousand athletes stayed at Limak hotels. In addition, basketball, volleyball, judo, tennis, rugby, softball, baseball and many other sports tournaments, national team selections and national team preparations were hosted in our different hotels.

Since 2011, a tree planting organization has been organized on behalf of Limra, Arcadia, Atlantis and Lara Deluxe Hotel in Antalya. Limak, which has planted trees for its guests who come to its hotels every year on the 100-decare land in Serik district of Antalya, allocated by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, added 10 more land cypress and pistachio pine to the commemorative forest in 2018. Apart from Antalya, 500 trees, which were promised to the guests at the opening of Limak Tourism Group's Limak Eurasia Luxury Hotel in Istanbul Kavacık, were planted with a ceremony. In the Memorial Forest Project, it is aimed to plant 100 thousand trees in 10 years.

Limak Tourism Group continued its tradition of gifting plant seeds that can be grown in its homes, balconies and gardens to its guests staying in hotels. There are 14 varieties in the seed sets: sunflower, fennel, marshmallow, cosmos, redbud, echinacea, coriander, sage, anise, thyme, lemon balm, eucalyptus, basil and larch.

Limak Tourism Group carries out the “Bedside Books” project to introduce important names from Anatolian lands, especially to its guests coming from abroad. Within the scope of the project, Mevlana, Karagöz-Hacivat and Dede Korkut stories are available as booklets in the rooms. In addition, guests are presented with booklets with messages from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's speech.

Crowning its achievements with the awards it received in 2018, as every year, Limak Tourism Group aims to evaluate 2019 as a year where it will continue its sustainable growth and further approach its goal of becoming an international hotel chain.