Antalya is one of our provinces with the highest population in the summer months. Due to being a holiday region, local and foreign tourists flock to this region. The fact that there are many places to visit and luxury hotels to enjoy the holiday provides many opportunities for local and foreign tourists. Belek district of Antalya is one of the preferred districts of the region for holiday purposes. The presence of historical ancient cities, bazaars and theaters in this region is of great importance especially for foreign tourists. It provides the development of the region in terms of holiday and culture with the ancient structure that was built, which shows that it is one of the oldest settlements in the region.

As Belek is one of the preferred regions in terms of tourism, it is one of the regions that local and foreign tourists visit and stay the most. Luxury hotels in the region serve their customers with all-inclusive concepts. Activities are organized at the hotels for sports and for a pleasant time. It also helps the guests to have a peaceful holiday throughout the day with massage and spa centers.

Belek Calista Luxury Resort Belek is among the luxury hotels of the region. The services offered by the hotel allow guests to spend a comfortable and comfortable holiday. Comfortable and comfortable rooms, especially for families and crowded groups, offer the opportunity to spend a more peaceful stay at the resort.

The blue flag private beach of the hotel allows guests to relax in the sea and sunbathe all day long. In addition, the hotel offers a variety of services. It is more advantageous for the hotel to find a solution to the transportation problem with the companies that offer contracted transfer line services so that they can provide comfortable transportation for their guests.

The hotel is located 4 km from the center of Belek. Belek Calista Luxury Resort Belek Town center can be reached on foot or by public transport. Transfer line service can be preferred for airport transportation. The hotel is located 27 km from the airport. It is also 35 km from the city center. The hotel, which offers a transfer line service between the hotel and the airport, allows guests to travel comfortably and safely to the areas they want to visit during the day with the contracted companies.

zigana transfer vip is one of the distinguished companies offering transfer line services to Belek and its surroundings. First of all, the company cares about customer satisfaction and offers comfortable transportation to the guests coming to the district. Thus, it provides the advantage of traveling in luxury and comfortable vehicles for hotel and city guests.

Zigana transfer vip privileges can be used to travel safely to the airport or other parts of the city. The company, which dominates the region and provides transfer line services to domestic and foreign tourists with its experienced team, provides privileged services to its customers by increasing its service quality day by day. Zigana transfer vip, which provides secure travel by making vehicle reservations in advance, is among the companies that help in the most transportation in the region, allowing guests to travel more comfortably and safely