Cleopatra and Keykubat Beaches

Kleopatra ve Keykubat Plajları

Cleopatra and Keykubat Beaches are the incarnation of the trio of sea, sand and sun and one of the places where these trio look best together. These beaches are also one of the main reasons why Alanya is preferred and so famous. The city of Alanya is roughly divided into two. The part that divides it into two is the projection on which Alanya Castle is located, which we can call the historical peninsula. There are beautiful beaches to compete with each other in the east and west. Cleopatra Beach is the part to the west of the castle. Keykubat Beach is located to the east of the castle. The first 250-300 meters of the beach, which starts from the slopes, is called Damlataş Beach, and after that it is called Cleopatra. This beach, which has a Blue Flag, is a public beach and there is no fee for entry. If you wish, you can also rent a sunbed and an umbrella. The gardens just behind the beach establish a green barricade between Alanya center and the beach. Since the beach is in the center of Alanya, it is possible to easily meet your needs such as eating and drinking. There is also a shower and dressing cabin. As for accommodation, you have all kinds of options according to your budget, from hotels to hostels and apartments. Where Does Cleopatra's Name Come From? The world-famous Cleopatra Beach, identified with Alanya, takes its name from the Egyptian Queen, who is famous for her love stories as well as the beauty of the sand and the sea. B.C. 69 and BC. Cleopatra, who lived between the years of 30, had a love affair with Mark Antonius, one of the Roman Emperors of the period. It is said that they constantly stop by this beach and swim in the sea during their travels. Alanya and its surroundings started to be called Cleopatra Beach over time, as they landed here every day after being gifted to him. Even a tunnel was built inside the castle, leading directly to the beach. Perhaps this is where Cleopatra, whose beauty is legendary, owes it, or this beach owes her beauty to Cleopatra, who knows? Keykubat Beach The part to the east of the peninsula that divides Alanya into two is called Keykubat Beach. Approximately 3 km. The beach, which is long, is sometimes called by different names as it goes forward. Kızılkule located under the castle and the beach starting after the harbor actually have similar features with Cleopatra Beach on the other side. In addition to being a public beach, there are also paid sections in certain regions. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as shower and dressing cabins. There are stony places beyond Keykubat Beach, which has a Blue Flag. As in Cleopatra, there are beautiful gardens that separate the city from the beach. The name of the beach comes from the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat, who took Alanya. Since he is the conqueror of Alanya, you can see this name in many places in Alanya.