Since Belek is one of the districts known as the holiday paradise of our country, it has a very crowded population in the summer months. The fact that tourists are concentrated in this region shows that the majority of the population is tourists. The fact that the region has a wide structure for both cultural and holiday makes tourists from all over the world happy.

Ancient cities and theaters in Belek and its surroundings are frequently visited by tourists. Since Belek is also close to other surrounding districts, other historical places and natural beauties in this region can be visited. In addition, luxurious hotels are located in the region for tourists to have a comfortable and comfortable stay.

All-inclusive hotels offer guests a luxurious holiday service, allowing them to enjoy the holiday. There are many comfortable services in the hotels. In addition, hotels with special areas and fields for sports activities are also close to various areas in the region. Most luxury hotels are close to the district center and are within walking distance.

Belek Crystal Family Resort & Spa Belek is among the biggest hotels in the region. With its private beach at the seaside and blue flag, holidaymakers enjoy the sea all day long. In addition, the hotel has an all-inclusive concept. Hotel guests benefit from the transfer line service so that they can travel safely between the airport and the hotel. Transfer lines wait for the hotel guests at the airport before landing hours and deliver the guests to the hotel after the plane landing. In addition, the same transfer line service provides the transportation to the airport for the guests who will leave the hotel.

The Belek Crystal Family Resort & Spa Belek can be reached by walking from the hotel to the bazaars in the center. You can also go to the district center by public transport. The distance of the hotel from the airport is 40km and 50 km from Antalya city center. It is possible to travel more easily by using the transfer line service in airport transportation. It should be stated that transfer line service is requested during hotel reservation. Flight landing times should be given to the hotel as information to be specified to travel between the airport and the hotel.

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