Düden Waterfall Antalya Lara

Düden Şelalesi Antalya Lara

Where is here? Düden Waterfall, one of the first places that come to mind when Antalya is mentioned, is located in Varsak District within the boundaries of Kepez District. According to a rumor, Alexander the Great is also known as the İskender Waterfall because he gave water to his horses from this waterfall while passing through the region. Located 10 kilometers southwest of Antalya city center, the waterfall takes its source from the Kepez Hydroelectric Power Plant and divides into two branches as Aşağı Düden Waterfall (Karpuzkaldıran Waterfall) and Yukari Düden Waterfall along the Düden Stream. There is also a picnic and recreation area in the Upper Düden Waterfall.

Undoubtedly, the most important feature of Düden Waterfall is that it flows loudly from a height of 40 meters ... Because thousands of tourists, especially from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Iran and Azerbaijan, flock to Düden Waterfall just to watch this view. This natural wonder is one of the tourist attractions close to Alanya, Turkey stands among the most beautiful waterfalls in the head. Düden Waterfall, which is 136 kilometers away from Alanya, can be reached in an average of 2 hours.

Why Should I Go? Düden Waterfall, which fascinates everyone with its appearance, shines like an oasis in a wonderful and lush nature. In addition to its natural beauty, there are a number of service points around the waterfall, such as hiking trails, restaurants, tea gardens, sitting and picnic areas, and cafes. Düden Waterfall is a great backdrop for a photo adventure, especially for couples who are about to get married. So don't be surprised if you see plenty of brides and grooms around the waterfall! Those who flock to the waterfall for photographs are not only bride and groom candidates; because thousands of people are trying to capture a beautiful image of this magnificent view with their camera or phone.

Don't miss out! Another feature that makes Düden Waterfall attractive is that it enables a rich weekend breakfast in the breakfast places around the waterfall and the pond, accompanied by a unique view ... Therefore, you should go to Düden Waterfall early in the morning, find yourself a nice table and have your breakfast. you must enjoy the paradise nature! Lastly: It is necessary to pay an entrance fee to see the waterfall in the Kepez Picnic Area.

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