WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU

By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects, Oxo
construction continues to be the address of luxury and quality in Alanya with its new Project
Ecomarine Residence.

With its 1 architecture and 2 interior architects, Oxo Construction shall show the ultimate attention both in material ion and implementation since the beginning of the
project till the completion stage. Ecomarine Residence is located in Kargıcak which is one of the most beautiful places of Alanya with its distance of 15 minutes to International GazipaşaAirport and its natural structure.

Antalya and Alanya zigana vip transfers are available 24/7 to reach the airport transportation or to reach a different place in the city. The company, which continues its activities with its experienced teammates, also dominates many areas of the region. In order to reach the area to be visited without any loss of time, making a reservation in advance ensures that the vehicle is ready to wait. Thus, transportation from the destination to the accommodation area can be made with the same vehicle.