Kaleiçi Antalya

Kaleiçi Antalya

Kaleiçi is the opposite of everything that comes to life when you think of Antalya's resorts:

When you say Antalya, either nature & beaches or historical ruins dating back to the Hellenistic period come to mind. And almost every place to see in Antalya is far away, you can walk 1-2 hours. In some places there are more tourists than local. In winter, it becomes deserted, and a strange sadness covers the person.

Kaleiçi, on the other hand, is a very cute neighborhood in the heart of the city where you will not be able to drop your cameras and historical houses. So it is not nature, but a city getaway. In addition, there is no winter, it is one of the important centers of nightlife and social gatherings, 365 days a year. Naturally, there are at least as many local locals as Antalya.

I think the most similar aspect of Antalya is that you can swim in the sea, but this should not cause you to go swimming to Kaleiçi. While there are legendary Antalya beaches, you don't want to settle for the tiny beach here. I mean, there is such an opportunity if you want to come and swim while you are in Kaleiçi.

Also, Kaleiçi is the only settlement in Antalya that stands out with its architectural texture. She was so pleasant that, together with Sığacık Turkey's sweet and may be the best-preserved two historic residential living. Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine Seljuk and Ottoman eras have been the heart of the city since today and there is a layer by layer history. There are old Antalya houses, sweet restaurants, souvenir shops, bars even on weekdays.

Since it is a small place, you will see everywhere in 2-3 hours. Let us come to the places we say do not miss but first