Mall of Antalya, which is one of the best places of shopping and entertainment, serves with distinguished shops and restaurants that are successful in eating and drinking. Established in 2016, Mall of Antalya serves local and foreign tourists who want to enjoy entertainment and shopping on an area of ​​131,000 square meters.

This entertainment and shopping center, which is one of the biggest shopping centers of the region, is located in the center of the region. Although it is in Antalya Kepez district, it is also visited by the surrounding districts.

The shopping mall, which has 144 stores, is also the address of entertainment for Antalya people. Mall of Antalya, located across Antalya airport, is one of the places where local and foreign tourists visit and shop constantly. The shopping center established in a large area continues to operate as the largest shopping center in the city.

In the shopping center, there are also affordable shopping stores in the stores. It is one of the right choices for visitors thanks to its wide and spacious corridors. Although there is a large influx of people every season, the fact that the center is very large provides ease of sightseeing.

The transition from the airport to the shopping center is quite easy. In addition, transportation to Antalya and surrounding districts can be done by public transportation. Many tourists come to Turkey for a holiday by visiting the shopping center are known to make shopping with affordable prices.

Providing service with its 2-storey structure, Mall of Antalya is one of the most popular places in the city. A wide variety of shops are located inside the mall for both shopping and dining. This shopping center on the Mersin road can also be used as a resting area for those who provide transportation by road.

It is the largest shopping center in the region and receives many visits during the day. It has large and spectacular movie theaters for Antalya people, restaurants with delicious menus in the food and beverage section, and the area where shopping can be done in the highest quality. Mall of Antalya, which is the most preferred shopping center for entertainment and shopping, accepts more visitors day by day.

Mall of Antalya city center is 20 minutes away. It is also visited by many people from the surrounding districts. Thanks to its closed and open car park, transportation can be provided easily with a private vehicle.

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The city of Antalya is flooded with a lot of tourists in the summer. Ancient cities and places to visit are quite numerous in the region. The fact that there are many historical places besides natural beauties helps the city to attract more attention. The airport outside the city and the Mall of Antalya shopping center receive a lot of tourist visits throughout the year. Mall of Antalya continues to serve to eat or shop as soon as you leave the airport. This mall can be visited to escape from the crowd of the city and take a breath and shop.

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