Belek region is one of the holiday regions of the summer months. Luxury and glamorous hotels in the region keep the service quality at the highest level for the guests to have a comfortable holiday. The awards are an unforgettable holiday opportunity for local and foreign tourists in the region where many hotels are located.

The historical structure and natural beauties of Belek region attract great attention for tourists. Especially ancient theaters and big giant waterfalls are among the regions where tourists are flocked to visit. In hotels with various services, it can find solutions to the transportation problem of tourists about the places to see and see in the surrounding area.

Belek Rixos The Land Of Legends Theme Park Belek Belek is also known as one of the biggest entertainment centers of the region. In addition to luxury accommodation, different entertainment options make the holiday even more enjoyable. Belek Rixos The Land Of Legends Theme Park Belek Belek, one of the largest and most magnificent hotels of the region, provides entertainment presentations and water park activities throughout the day at certain times of the day. Although it is near the sea, mostly large water parks and pool can be preferred more.

Belek Rixos The Land Of Legends Theme Park Belek hotel is 2 km from the center of Belek and offers the opportunity to reach the district center on foot. In addition to the guests of the hotel, it is hosted on the subjects coming from the outside to the entertainment center. The historical bazaar and shopping centers in the center of the district are an alternative for guests who want to shop. The hotel is 37 km from the city center and 27 km from Antalya airport. Hotel guests use the transfer line service to reach the airport on arrival dates. Usually the transfer line service, which is in-house or contracted, allows the guests to pick up from the airport and reach the hotel. Also, for guests who will leave the hotel, transportation to the airport can be provided with the same transfer line service.

Belek hotels provide transfer line service between the airport and the hotel, helping guests to reach the hotel or the airport safely. In this way, shading is not allowed due to luxury and comfortable holiday transportation problems.

zigana transfer vip is one of the companies providing transfer line service to and around Belek. Operating for many years in the sector with its wide customer portfolio, the company keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront. Comfortable vehicles are provided for guests who want to reach the airport or a different area.

Thanks to the personnel dominating the region, it provides timely transportation to the destination and prevents time loss. For a safe and comfortable travel, zigana transfer takes care of the comfort of VIP customers. Thus, historical sites or other sightseeing areas can be visited on time and returned to the hotel. The company, which provides 24/7 services, evaluates customer demands to the finest detail. In order to avoid transportation difficulties, you can travel to Zigana with the transfer vip transfer line service