Belek region is one of the most ideal regions for holidaymakers. Especially in summer, the high population growth is due to the increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists. The presence of many places to visit in the region can provide mobility in terms of cultural tourism. Especially ancient cities and historical buildings indicate that it is one of the oldest settlements in the region. For this reason, it has started to attract attention in the renovated buildings. In addition, because it is one of the regions with the most natural beauties, it causes a large number of tourists. All inclusive hotels operate in the region for a comfortable and comfortable holiday.

The hotels of the region are generally located at the seaside. Thus, guests are offered the opportunity to swim all day long. In addition, large giant swimming pools attract attention. In addition, there are various areas for doing sports.

Belek Sentido Letoonia Golf Resort Belek is one of the region's preferred hotels for golf lovers. The hotel, which is located on a large land, is located at the seaside. Guests who want to go to the sea have the opportunity to reach the sea by crossing the bridge between the hotel and the beach.

The distance of the hotel to Belek center is 3 km. The hotel, which is within walking distance, draws attention due to its nature intertwined with nature. Also, sports activities are very high at the hotel. The distance of the hotel to the center of Antalya is 45 km and the distance to the airport is 35 km. Hotel guests make airport transportation on transfer lines. Airport transportation can be provided by the hotel management. Since the hotel entrances and exits are made by reservation in advance, guests can benefit from transfer lines.

zigana transfer vip is one of the companies offering transfer line service in Belek region. Since the company's priority is always customer satisfaction, vehicles can be requested in airport transportation or processes where the vehicle is needed. The company, which operates 24/7, provides services especially for guests who want to reach the surrounding areas during the holiday.

The company, which has been operating in the sector for years, has the opportunity to travel comfortably to Belek and its surrounding areas by choosing a transfer line instead of a public transportation vehicle. Transfer lines, which are alternative means of transportation for hotel guests or holidaymakers, provide the opportunity to travel safely, thus preventing loss of time.

Transfer to zigana, preferred for transportation throughout the holiday process, pays attention to offer quality service at an affordable price. Thus, it helps to see more areas by reaching the area that domestic and foreign tourists want to reach in a short time. It can also be an advantage for guests to have the car waiting at the reservations made in advance. It is possible to meet with customer representatives on the website for more detailed information about the transfer line. Service is provided by evaluating vehicle demands.