Summer days in Alanya!

After a hose and storm disaster, there was a day of summer. Domestic and foreign tourists who know the opportunity to sunny weather ran to the beach.

There was a summer day after the rain, storm and hose disaster that turned the city into a nightmare. In the city where the temperature of the air is measured 16 degrees, the sun and the local and foreign tourists went to Konyaalti Beach. Some people went to the sea while others preferred to sunbathe on the beach and play with their children. Osman Savat said he went on vacation with his wife and children as a teacher, "We told our relatives that we were going to Antalya. So they called us and called us to return immediately, we said that there was a disaster in Antalya. . The Russian woman, who came to the beach with her son, said that two days ago, the coast where the huge waves were seen turned to heaven again. DAY OPENED IN ALANYA After days of rainy weather in the district of Alanya showed the sun face. 17 degrees in the air temperature, 60 percent of the rate of humidity measured in the district of the sun opportunity to those who landed on the beach and walking paths. Some people enjoyed the sun on the beach benches while others spent time on the beach.