The oldest known history of the ruin on the Mersin highway, 23 km east of Alanya, is located in BC. It goes back to the 7th century. The city has a settlement between the 7th century BC and the 13th century AD.

The city, which has a very large settlement area, was surrounded by walls. Quite large rowed cisterns, which are fed by natural water source that can survive today, a baptistery cave with ruins, a magnificent bath with mosaic remains on its , gymnasium, columns with columns and shops on its side, temples, theaters, churches, administrative structures, acropolis and necropolis areas. It is an exemplary Roman settlement. A.D. Although the revolts against the empire in all Rome in the 2nd century were encountered in this region, the people of Syedra favored the empire against the rebels. For this reason, he was honored with a letter of thanks by the Roman emperor Septimus Severus (M. 194). This letter was written on marble and presented to the public in the period of Syedra columnar street, and today it is exhibited in the Alanya archeology museum.