The problem of dual citizenship has been solved on the Russian-Turkish side

Rus-Türk tarafında çifte vatandaşlık sorunu çözüldü

The “condition of getting out of citizenship of other countries” implemented by Russia until now has become a date when the new citizenship law came into force.

With the new law that makes it easier to get Russian citizenship, those who want to get Russian citizenship will no longer need to inform Russian officials through their notary public that they are out of Turkish citizenship.

According to the news in Turkrus, with the law, citizens of foreign countries and haymatlos (stateless persons) who have permanent residence in Russian territory can apply to get a Russian passport and will not be asked to give up their current nationality.

With the law, people born within the borders of the Soviet Union also got the right to apply for citizenship after living in Russia for three years.

Foreign citizens who have been married to a Russian citizen for more than three years will also be able to apply for citizenship provided they live in Russia.

It is also facilitated for Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan citizens and former Soviet Union citizens to have Russian passports.


In addition, the Russian government is expected to take place yesterday after announcing they would launch their international flights to Turkey to begin adoption of a visa for Turkish citizens, and the first flight to Russia since August 1. Applications for a Russian visa will begin on July 29, according to initial information. At the first stage, it is stated that only applications for visitor and worker visas will be received for family reasons. Visa applications for tourism trips will come to the agenda at a later date.

Meanwhile, those who cannot use the visa they received before March 16, when Russia stopped their visa procedures, will be given a new visa by Russia without charge.