Belek region of Turkey 's in the summer is one of the region flocked to vacationers. Belek, which is one of the districts of Antalya province, also attracts attention with its historical structure. The presence of many ancient theaters and historical sites in the region makes it important for cultural tourism. Being one of the old settlements of the region, it combines with the modern structure of the future period and is home to many tourists.

There are millions of foreign tourists coming to Belek region from the world for holiday purposes. Belek, which is known as a holiday destination in terms of local tourists, is among the districts that provide easy access with its proximity to the surrounding cities.

The hotels in and around Belek are all-inclusive and help make all facilities easily accessible for holidaymakers. In this way, the hotel guests have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday.

Belek Adora Golf Resort Hotel Belek is one of the golf course hotels in the region. It is an alternative for holidaymakers because it is near the sea and it has a blue flag beach. The hotel, which is among the best hotels of the region, is 12 km from Belek town center. Although the transportation to Belek bazaar is provided by public transportation, the hotel also has special services for its guests. In addition, by requesting vehicles from companies providing transfer line service, transportation to every part of the district can be provided easily.

Belek Adora Golf Resort Hotel Belek hotel is 29 km from Antalya airport. In addition, the distance to the center of Antalya is 39 km. In general, transfer line service is preferred and transportation to the airport and city center is provided. When hotel guests want to visit the historical places in Antalya and its surroundings and shopping areas such as shopping malls, they can visit the region by requesting a transfer line service. In this way, they have the opportunity to get to know the region more closely.

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Although generally the hotel customers prefer the airport transfer line services offered by the hotels, they prefer the zigana transfer vip transfer line service in s of need for vehicles during the holiday. In this way, they can reach the areas to be visited without any waste of time by providing a safer transportation to the places to be visited.

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