Frequently Asked Questions

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

How can I find you at the airport?

Our official waiting for you will wait for you at the exit gate after the completion of the suitcase and customs, with a sign with the ZİGANATRANSFER logo on it.

What should I do when I cannot find the attendant?

If our staff cannot find you; will try to contact the mobile phone. Therefore, when you are available, turn on your mobile phone. You can contact the staff on the emergency phones listed under the reservation form.

Will I pay another fee than the specified fee?

No. You will not pay any fees other than the specified transfer service fee.

What should I do if I cannot be at the meeting point at the transfer time or my flight is delayed?

Service Minibus; If you cannot be there 45 minutes after your transfer time; you have the option to use the next service for free. You will not be charged for this. If you do not want to wait for the next shuttle, private transfer service is provided for a fee. You can find out the details of the next service by calling the emergency phones under the reservation form.

Private Transfer & ViP Transfer; During your arrivals at the airports, you will not be charged an extra fee for a possible delay. Our vehicle will be there to welcome you on your landing time. If your plane has landed normally, you cannot be reached by phone and we cannot find you at the meeting point; After 60 minutes waiting time, our staff will leave the airport and your transfer will be canceled without return. Therefore, in case of any delay, please report your situation by phone / message / email.

Please note this; we will keep waiting for you after you have announced that you will be late and rest assured that we will not leave you desperate at the airport.

Unforeseen situations

Weather opposition, traffic jam etc. You will be informed as soon as we realize that we cannot perform your transfer for reasons. For this reason, please check that the mobile phone number you wrote in the form is correct.

Last Minute Reservation Requests

Last minute reservation requests for some airports from our site are not accepted online. For last minute transfers, please send your request using the contact form. You can be sure that we will use all our facilities to assist you. To find the Last Minute reservation request times, please visit the Prices> Airport page.

How much tip should I give?

It is at your discretion to tip your service at the rate of your satisfaction. Please note; You do not have to pay any other fees after purchasing the transfer service.

Which vehicles do you use in transfers?

You can check the vehicles we used in airport transfers by entering the Prices> Airport page.

Pricing for children

Those between the ages of 0-2 are in the category of Infant, those between the ages of 3-11 fall under the category of Children. Children over 11 years old should be selected as adults.

Transfer with pets;

Service Minibus; You can keep pets lighter than 5 kg in transfers made with the service van. Pets weighing more than 5 kg are not admitted to the shuttle. Your pets can only travel inside the transport box. Please make sure you take the necessary precautions to prevent your pets from disturbing other passengers.

 Private Transfer & ViP Transfer; It is limited by the luggage capacity of the vehicle you have booked. It does not matter to us how many pet cages there are, as long as there is room in the vehicle.

Please read the information below to experience a smooth transfer!

For our customers going to the airport;

Please note that you must be at the airport no later than 1 (one) hour for domestic (domestic) flights and no later than 2 (two) hours for international (international) flights. We recommend that you choose your pick-up time according to this notice.

For our customers we will pick up at the airport;

We would like to remind that suitcase and customs (if coming from abroad) also take time. Therefore, select the time you will pick you up at the airport by adding this time.

To learn about the meeting points at the airport, please check the Prices> Airport page.