Reverse different experiences of home visitors coming to the area in 2015 for those who want a fun time Kundu Antalya Turkey has been established for life. Reverse House, which has examples in the world, meets with its lovers in Antalya, is the focus of attention.

Antalya Ters Ev draws a lot of attention with its interior design and exterior design. The fact that the items are placed upside down provides a different experience for those entering the house. The fact that the seats, bed, kitchen, even the toilet and bathroom are inverted give visitors a different experience. Antalya Ters Ev, which attracts the most attention among the action parks, hosts millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Reverse home in Antalya is one of the most preferred places for school activities and photography. Since the completely opposite position of the furniture and the house is interesting, it is one of the ideal places for those who want to do different works.

Ters Ev is one of the places without transportation problem. Kundu city buses pass through Antalya Ters Ev route. Transfer lines can also help this entertainment place, which is 10 km away from the airport, for those who come to the city for the first time. Thanks to the zigana Transfer Vip, you can access the Reverse House from the highway with your family. The location of the place, which is located at a distance of 30 minutes from the city center, can be provided in every way.

In the region, there are places where such activities are held where tourists can easily travel and visit. In order to reach the places to go in time without any transportation problem, transportation can also be made by private vehicles.

Private transfer services are available at the airport or in the city in order to avoid transportation restrictions in the places visited by local and foreign tourists and where there are many social activities.

For those who have not been to Antalya before, a meeting can be held with the companies that provide a daily tour transfer service so that the city's historical places and entertainment centers can be visited by tourists. Since the companies that organize daily tours usually come from outside the city, transfer lines will allow them to make more affordable trips for tourists who have been on holiday for a long time. Thus, passengers can be picked up from the accommodation and transfer to the accommodation area at the end of the trip.

Reverse House provides a different experience for adults and children for tourists who are one of the few places in the world and want to have a pleasant day. The fact that all the items in the Antalya Reverse House are above the normal conditions and give the person a reverse tracking helps to have a very different experience.

Local and foreign tourists can take pictures during Antalya Reverse Home visits and keep them as memories. In addition to the use of city buses and public transportation in transportation to such places, there are also alternatives for guests who want to travel comfortably and visit sightseeing places. The most preferred method among these alternatives is the use of transfer lines.

If the trip is to be made all day, it will always be easier to visit the sights and historical places with someone who knows the city by contacting the transfer line company. It will be an opportunity to be in the places to visit in the city without getting tired by making comfortable trips and to add new ones to the memories.

It will be one of the best choices to use a transfer line in places and places to visit in Antalya. In the comfort of your own vehicle, ensuring quick access to the places to go without getting stuck in the crowd of the city will also prevent time loss.

By spending quality time, historical places and new buildings in every corner of the city attract tourists. Therefore, visiting the city by a knowledgeable person always helps to make the holiday better.

Home Reverse Turkey 'is also located in the first district of Antalya Kundu. As the distance to the city center is very small, there is a busy crowd on weekends. Weekday visits are more calm and efficient. Entrance fees to the house can often be provided to tourists at the toll booths. It is also one of the preferred places for professional photography. Couples generally prefer this place for different photo shoots. Antalya Ters Ev, which is one of the most enjoyable places for local and foreign tourists, welcomes many tourists every year