Degirmendere Waterfall

Değirmendere Şelalesi Alanya
If you are going to Manavgat-Antalya direction after the unique beauties of Alanya, there is a nice cool place you can stop by: Değirmendere Waterfall.

When it comes to Antalya, it seems as if the word cool becomes more important, especially if you are in summer. Although it is located within the borders of Manavgat, it is a natural beauty that you can see by taking some time on the road. On your way to Antalya in Alanya, you turn right from Kızılot after 42 km. After a 13-kilometer asphalt road (there are road works in places and it will be better), you reach the waterfall.

The waterfall, which also includes a facility called Hidden Paradise among the greenery, is actually made up of several small waterfalls and ponds. If you want, you can swim in small ponds.

Although it is not like a Manavgat Waterfall, it is one of the places worth seeing among the greenery in the heat of Antalya. You can also have breakfast if you go in the morning at the facility next door. Other times you can eat and drink.