Dolphin Show

Yunus Şovu

Alanya dolphin show - Delphinus delphis, dolphin species truncatus tursiop phocoena and Turkey are the type commonly seen in our seas surrounding three sides. Unfortunately, there are dolphin species in our seas that are under the threat of extinction and these are under protection. Fishery, pollution and various activities such as water can sometimes endanger the generation of living things in the sea, and therefore, the activities to be carried out should be investigated and decided. In order to prevent this danger, our children should love marine animals and avoid harm when they grow up. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you take your children to the dolphin show in Alanya.

Dolphins, with their cute faces, offer you an excellent show at Sealanya Dolphinpark in Alanya and invite you to watch this show and even swim if you wish. Do not be silent to their call and do not forget to visit these cute animals when you come to our district. If you want to present a nice gift to your child on holiday, take him to watch the dolphins and when you see the smile on his face, you will be as happy as he is. With these special trainings, these cute creatures offer us a show accompanied by instructors.

After gathering our guests from the hotels, the departure for the dolphin show starts and when the show center is reached, the instructors here give you information about the dolphins. Then our amazing show, which is prepared with dolphins and fur seal fish, begins. You should make a reservation as soon as possible to get the opportunity to watch this beautiful show at the forefront. If you wish, you will be able to take photos with dolphins and seals and have the chance to swim with them as a separate tour program. At the end of the show, we leave our guests back to their hotels and this tour is done twice a day. We definitely recommend you to participate in the dolphins show in Alanya to have different moments and beautiful memories because you will get away from daily life and meet the differences. This will make your holiday unusual.

If you say that I have different experiences during this holiday and you do not know what to do, Minister tour offers you a variety of programmed activities on its website and the tour option you are looking for may be a dolphin show tour in Alanya. You can create a reservation by filling out the form in the reservation section on our website. Or you can reach us by calling one of the phone numbers on our website and take your place from the front row and have the chance to watch this perfect show from the closest place to the dolphins. You can also take the opportunity to swim with dolphins in Alanya and swim with these cute creatures in the pool and be closer to them if you wish.

Lets! Dolphin show tour in Alanya is waiting for you, we definitely recommend you not to miss this tour and we hope you will be satisfied. As Minister Tours, we would like to thank you for choosing us in 2020 and we are proud to serve you.