Belek is one of the holiday resorts that attract a lot of attention with its historical structure and natural beauties. Due to the region's exclusive hotels, most of the guests coming to the city take advantage of early booking opportunities in luxury hotels in the region. Local and foreign tourists who have the opportunity to stay in all-inclusive hotels also use the means of transportation to visit other areas around.

The region is one of the areas where it is located in its ancient cities by hosting many civilizations due to its historical structure. For this reason, it attracts attention with its many ancient cities and theaters. In addition, its historical bazaars and natural beauties make the region more valuable. Many surrounding hotels are located at the seaside. In addition, being close to the district center provides more transportation in the region.

Belek IC Hotels Santai Family Resort Belek offers luxury opportunities for holidays with the family. It is also ideal for crowded groups with its villa type accommodation rooms. Its spacious and luxurious rooms are loved by guests. In addition, it is the center of attention with activities that last throughout the day.

Belek IC Hotels Santai Family Resort Belek prefers to use a transfer line for airport guests. In addition, the hotel guests can access other sightseeing areas and shopping malls thanks to the transfer line service. The hotels, which continue their works with distinguished companies in transportation, prefer companies that offer transfer line service with high quality and give priority to customer satisfaction. The hotel meets its guests' transportation needs throughout the holiday by traveling safely.

The hotel is 10 km away from the center of Belek and recommends that guests who want to go to the district center receive support from a company that offers a transfer line service. Transfer lines accompany guests back to the hotel by allowing them to reach their destination.Belek IC Hotels Santai Family Resort Belek Hotel is 25 km away from the airport and 35 km from Antalya city center. Transportation to the airport and the city center, like other hotels in the region, is generally carried out by transfer lines. In this way, providing transportation by transfer line, considering the comfort of the guests, ensures safe travel.

zigana transfer vip is one of the companies providing transfer line service in Belek region. Thanks to the transfer line service, guests can reach the area they want to go in a shorter time, preventing loss of time. Thanks to the transfer line service, it is possible to return to the hotel by providing better access to other areas in the region.

Providing service with comfortable and luxurious vehicles, zigana transfer gives priority to customer satisfaction. It evaluates customer demands and improves its service guarantee by improving day by day. Zigana transfer, which provides transfer line services for many years in the region, is among the companies with a wider customer portfolio than the companies that offer transfer line services in the environment