Belek, one of the holiday paradises of Antalya, is one of the most visited towns of local and foreign tourists. The hotels in the district offer many services together for those who want to have a luxury and comfortable holiday. Belek Papıllon Ayscha Hotels Belek is among these hotels. Located close to the city center, the hotel has a very crowded period in summer.

Since the Belek region is one of the oldest settlements, its historical structures are also high. It has become the favorite of tourists with its ancient cities and historical bazaar.

Belek Papıllon Ayscha Hotels Belek is one of the hotels with its own pier with its seafront location. The hotel, which is 4 km away from the district center, is located in the center of Belek and has a comfortable location for transportation, providing an opportunity for tourists to visit the environment during the day.

Located 35 km from the airport and 40 km from the center of Antalya, the hotel is home to many tourists during the summer months and it is possible to reach the historical places and places in the city with a short distance.

The all-inclusive structure of the hotel can provide an advantage for holidaymakers. In addition, the services within the hotel are taken care to provide services for all the comfort of the guests.

Antalya Belek hotels have all-inclusive advantages. In addition, the historical structures of the district and the city, golf courses and various entertainment centers provide convenience for a pleasant time.

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