Reverse House Antalya

Ters Ev Anyalya

Everything is turned upside down in this house! Moreover in Turkey

The day does not pass, let's not come across an interesting structure on the earth. With the advancement of technology, many different and interesting structures started to be built in the world. One of them is an inverted house built in our country 2 years ago. We would be pleased to share our impression and observations about this interesting house with our valuable readers. Here is that house…

Antalya Ters Ev Action Park

In 2014, in the Muratpaşa District of Antalya, a beautifully designed house was built by 3 entrepreneurs, 1 of which was Russian, in 2014. This house has a quite different architectural structure than other houses. Because in this house everything is turned upside down.


Established on 300 square meters of land, 85 square meters of reverse house was opened in 2016. Since its opening, thousands of visitors flocked here. This intensive interest is increasing day by day.


This single-storey house has cost a lot. You get shocked when you enter the entrance door of the house. Because everything from kitchen furniture, white goods to toilet and bathroom cabinets, from bedroom to sitting groups stands on the ceiling instead of the floor. Visitors who come here cannot hide their surprise.

This house, which is visited by everyone from 7 to 70, is changed every 6 months. He attaches importance to the decoration of the photographs to be different. If your path falls here, I would definitely go and visit this house with your loved ones. Because there are only 13 in this house style in the world. It is unique from our country. Therefore, it is a very interesting and important structure.

Where is Ters Ev Action Park and How to Get There?

Ters Ev is located in the Guzeloba District of Muratpasa District of Antalya. It is 30 minutes away from the center of Antalya and 10 km from the airport. To get there, you can reach your private vehicle with the help of signs or all vehicles going to the Lc 07 and Kundu hotels area. You can get there by taking one of the bus number TC93, TL94 from the bus station and getting off at Güzeloba stop.

Reverse House Action Park Visiting Hours

Ters Ev Action Park is open to visitors between 09.00-20.00, seven days a week.

Reverse House Action Park Entrance Fee

Ters Ev Action Park entrance fee is 15 TL.