Turkey tourist season in Russia and Eastern Europe will open by end of May

Turkey Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED) President Sururi Çorabatır, stating that they made the necessary preparations for the season, the season after he came to the corona virus in stable condition noted can be opened at the end of May. Çorabatır noted that after the start of the season, it is foreseen that it will start with tourists from Russia and then from Eastern European countries. TUROFED President shared the details and season expectations after the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy announced that the tourism season will be postponed to the end of May and that the trend shows this. Speaking about the postponement of the tourist season to the end of May, TÜROFED President Sururi Çorabatır said that the tourism team made the necessary preparations for the season postponed to the end of April.

                                                                                     We have already made all our preparations

Çorabatır said, “Due to the difficulties experienced in the travel industry due to corona virus, flights were also removed in our country. On the basis of countries, we were planning to open the season to the end of April with a complete stop. However, it seems that the season will shift to the end of May in line with the increase in European countries and the current measures in our country. In this process, airline companies, travel agencies, tour operators, and accommodation sector were affected negatively throughout the world. As a result of our meetings with the Minister of Culture and Tourism, support packages were prepared. In line with these supports, we try to prepare the season with the least damage. We have already made all kinds of preparations. There is Ramadan Feast in May. After the Eid al-Fitr related virus propagation prevented, after the bride in a stable condition in the number of s in Turkey if the customer sends us probably moved to the same conditions in the country at the end of May, early June, we hope that we will begin the season. But this will be done entirely by checking the virus both in our country and in the countries that send us customers. ”

After the start of the season, President Sururi Çorabatır, who predicted that it would start with tourists from Russia and then from Eastern European countries, noted that the work was done in this direction

                                                                                          We set our strategy and goals

Çorabatır said, “We are not empty again. Together with our Minister of Culture and Tourism, we exchange our ideas for the promotion works of our ministry and determine our strategy and goals in the upcoming process without passing this process empty. If we start the season like end of May and beginning of June in 2020, we will evaluate the season of 4 months and 5 months. The important thing is to plan 2021 already. But the top of everything is health. Everything about the corona virus needs to stabilize. ”

Stating that the customer profile of Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale is mostly in Korea, Far East and China, Sururi Çorabatır stated that if the situation improves in the next 2 months, guests coming from these regions will be able to choose other holiday destinations. President Çorabatır, corona virus in the tourism sector after coming to the stable situation would return to normal at first compared with other sectors, if compared with other countries before Turkey would also returned to normal, he added.

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